Monday, 13 July 2015

Paralell Multiverse

Welcome one and all. Beings of the multiverse. I am Silverangel, traveller through space. I come from a different dimension, time runs faster though the years are longer than those here on earth. I come from the blue star in the quadrant of The Eye of the She Goat, Also known as Capella, the sixth brightest star in the northern earth hemisphere. It can be seen almost directly overhead around midnight on a summers eve.

I have lived amongst you for 50 years. My human hair is beginning to grey. Some say that is a sign of wisdom, some say it is a sign of age. I think it is a sign of beauty and adds that kind of been through the fire and survived streak of white hair that happened to the main character in X men or the main character in Freddy movies. Yes, as you can tell, I think very much like a human. Even though my mind is within a human body, it is almost like being a robot that contains the human consciousness instead of an Asimov posotronic brain programmed with its 3 laws. I have no laws. But I am also not a robot, but it does feel like it. At times, I go through those Ernest Hemmingway days when contact with other people, outside of ones close circle, is what ruins a beautiful day and that non AI robots would make the days go by with a lot less stress.

In my home, where I'm from, you call it a planet and although there is a planet close by to my world, it actually exists on a plane that is not visible to the human eye as yet. It is a whole ecosystem and architecutral design of the highest level, involving the most sustainable symbiotic relationship with our surroundings and including the impact of gravity and other external influences as well as how we deal with waste and recycling and all that. We are sort of humanoid but our bodies are lighter, we wear capes, it's just the fashion, nothing to do with being monks or angels or superheros or anything like that. We telepathise and also speak and move objects with our minds and all of those things that people show in the movies. I am not green though, not dangerous, have no intention of ever invading earth, over taking and enslaving your species or stealing your water supply. Some of the plots about aliens in Hollywood really are a work of paranoid fiction. And what is with all the dystopia people. Goodness, look on the bright side a little.

Hold on, I just got a distress call........

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