Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Calling #TheCalling

Yes, you're right, I didn't explain what the Calling was. I have left you hanging for all of those days. I apologize profusely, I have been rather busy, locked into the world of selfies, facebook, twitter and the like. Oh, yes, plus Viber and Whattsapping people, sending photos, recording messages, talking for free on the phone. In fact, I had a rather unusually busy day on the phone. People I know switch their phones off at the weekend.

The Calling is a signal that comes in the form of a piece of music by Holst, in the Planets, exactly 43 minutes into the piece and for precisely 5 minutes, is a sound that one can only describe as heavenly. First comes the music and then a chorus of angelic voices that grows fainter and fainter by the second. Before I remembered that I was an alien/angel or however you want to describe me, I always listened to Classical music but not a lot of Holst. I knew the work but was more a fan of Mendhlsohnn, Bruch, Beehthoven, and so many others. When I first heard the Calling, I thought I was mad. It wouldn't stop playing as though it was on surround sound, every Friday evening at precisely 9.29pm, no matter what I was doing or where I was. Freaked out was an understatement. At the same time, I kept dreaming of someone whom I had never met. He introduced himself to me in a way that seemed so realistic that when I actually met him in person (on A Friday at 9.29pm exactly) I continued the conversation that we were having before, and so did he......yes, so did he. #FreakedOut #Spooky #HorrorMovie #JohnnyDepp speaking with a received British accent, dressed in 18th century clothes and chasing ghosts that chop people's heads yes.. freaky indeed by Jove, but the music stopped. That happened so often, that it no longer freaked me out and I interpreted it to be a message that the person was or would be of great significance in my life.

So when I got a Calling the other day, I was no longer concerned but went about my day as usual after dreaming first of Larry Paul Scott, the model, and then of an actor with dark brown hair When I awoke, I remembered the dream as though it had occurred in my living room and the guests had left 10 minutes earlier. It was so touchy feely that I am sure that my body shivered as it got colder in the dream. A friend rang and asked if I wanted to join her for a cycle ride around Battersea Park. I thought that it was a grand idea and headed off out of my door while throwing clothes on. I needed more layers than the time of year suggested, but hey that's British Summertime for you. I hopped on my English made, no not China this time, classic ladies cycle. After cycling around almost all of the park to find each other, my friend and I then headed to our favourite cafe on the Kings Road for a coffee. She was meeting her husband and their two daughters there before they headed off on holiday in Brazil. When we arrived at the cafe, we parked our bikes and then my friend headed into the cafe while I waited outside at a table. While I was seated, I emptied the contents of my bag on the table and started looking for my lighter. Its like the buses, never around when you desperately need one but then suddenly they all show up at once. In threes or fours.  Then it started, the choir on a long almost never ending note, the sound of soft oboes in the background. I looked around, and then locked eyes, first with the deep dimple in the square, freshly shaven chin, and then the blue eyes.

- Are you Henry Cavill, I asked, the actor who plays Superman, #ManOfSteel? If I could have turned to the audience and had one of those 'aside' moments where the character in the play explains something or reacts in a manner to express inner thought, I would have screamed....
Henry Cavill with my friend Luca Cavlani is taking the non-selfie photo.
Fan 1
Holst, The Planets

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Alien Manifesto and The Calling

So as I said before, I have no intention of invading the earth and killing or enslaving everyone. If I could free a few minds that would be cool but I gave up on my Lonely Revolutionary, save the world, enlighten people superhero idea and just enjoyed the moments when I met people with similar minds to mine. I generally try to not have an opinion because in this age when everyone has one and is posting, tweeting, instagraming, whatsapping, vining, youtubing and taking selfies, even Reality Tv slips back onto its shelf of irrelevance and the likes of #KatieHopkins have to say the most vile things on Twitter in order to maintain their significance and earn those dollars. 
I do ponder though on the state of the world and what I can do to change it. For one, the UK needs a new political party. Scrap one vote to rule them all (Scottish votes for Scottish MPs etc) and all each voting citizen the right to have their say about everything. If they don't understand then they can either read attached documents or click on a video link which will provide free education with no political bias, about a topic. If citizens choose not to vote that is their legal right and choice but their vote will count. In the case of a sensitive issue or one which is of high significance to the country, then the issue will go through several levels of debat from voter to MP style level to Expert (where experts of a topic take a through and scientific evalution before a decision is made). This will allow for true public participation and will also mean that things that don't work will get changed more often if. Its the 99% bottom up approach rather than the 1% top down approach that we are currently living under. The Power to the People approach, like the system in Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark (no not Amsterdam, lots of people think that). 

My manifesto for the Power to the People Party (PPP) - just thoughts that I have collected through the years and downloaded from my memory bank in a readable order :-) What do you think?? Can we do it?? :-
I think the UK needs more people like her and that there should be a party called SNPUK, SNP (Scottish National Party of United Kingdom. I will happily go into politics and be their leader. Imagine, free marijuana, no more drugs war, work from home only employment which will free a lot of offices which can be turned into affordable and social housing. (afforadble house for all!!!!! no homeless people), free drug clinics, counscelling, guidance into a career (of any choice, artist, musician etc) free education for all including free degrees, no more tuition fee. Minimal payment for child care (like denmark) for all parents. Better teachers (back to some of the principles of the 80s - it wasn't all bad - with a mix of Rudolph Steiner so the child chooses their path and so that education is inclusive to all children no matter their ability or disability. 
The complete separation of politics and the state
Organic free school meals including breakfast lunch and dinner, free after school clubs, nominal payment for summer school clubs including school trips to places of interest. 
Dansish style dag penge (unemployment benefit - in principle from around 1999 when one joined a union related to ones employment and they offer support while in work and support while out of work). 
A basic wage for all (the living salary thing where all citizens of working age get £xxx per month as a basic living allowance which includes a basic rent coverage, and if anyone wishes to work and earn more money they can. If they choose not to then no big deal. 
The initiation, production and farming of marijuana and taking the products to market. a national system with competitive sales allowed in the market place but the source of the marijuana has to be within the uk. All hemp products including food oil, etc will be taxable but the whole industry will provide a lot of jobs from growers to makers of sweets and edibles, medicine, smoking devices, to eco packaging etc. 
And last but not least
  • free NHS prescriptions. 
  • No TV licence (currently £140 ca. in the UK) 
  • free internet connection, free mobile calls (after admin fee for set up  
  • 6 months vacation split between summer and the rest of the school holidays, for those who work. 
  • 3 years standard maternity leave for all. 
  • Better provisions for assisting children and parents with contact (samvaer). 
  • And dissolve the government in terms of MPs and Political Parties. Just get the best person for the job. Instead of George Osborne, get the best accountant, instead of Terresa May get the best Police Office to work in conjunction with the community, instead of and Education secretary get a good Principle or former headteacher etc. 
  • And electronic voting on issues so that once a week or one gets the day off work to read through political issues (like the bedroom tax) and vote on them electronically like a quick referendum (like the Greeks do, except via the interent). 
  • No more government spying, 
  • no more wars, 
  • no more trident missiles (we become Switzerland) , 
  • instead of the royal family - 1 citizen gets to represent the UK and travel the world for 1 year.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Home. This is what where I live looks like from space. It is 3 times the size of your planet and we have 2 beautiful suns, one silver and one bronze.

Paralell Multiverse

Welcome one and all. Beings of the multiverse. I am Silverangel, traveller through space. I come from a different dimension, time runs faster though the years are longer than those here on earth. I come from the blue star in the quadrant of The Eye of the She Goat, Also known as Capella, the sixth brightest star in the northern earth hemisphere. It can be seen almost directly overhead around midnight on a summers eve.

I have lived amongst you for 50 years. My human hair is beginning to grey. Some say that is a sign of wisdom, some say it is a sign of age. I think it is a sign of beauty and adds that kind of been through the fire and survived streak of white hair that happened to the main character in X men or the main character in Freddy movies. Yes, as you can tell, I think very much like a human. Even though my mind is within a human body, it is almost like being a robot that contains the human consciousness instead of an Asimov posotronic brain programmed with its 3 laws. I have no laws. But I am also not a robot, but it does feel like it. At times, I go through those Ernest Hemmingway days when contact with other people, outside of ones close circle, is what ruins a beautiful day and that non AI robots would make the days go by with a lot less stress.

In my home, where I'm from, you call it a planet and although there is a planet close by to my world, it actually exists on a plane that is not visible to the human eye as yet. It is a whole ecosystem and architecutral design of the highest level, involving the most sustainable symbiotic relationship with our surroundings and including the impact of gravity and other external influences as well as how we deal with waste and recycling and all that. We are sort of humanoid but our bodies are lighter, we wear capes, it's just the fashion, nothing to do with being monks or angels or superheros or anything like that. We telepathise and also speak and move objects with our minds and all of those things that people show in the movies. I am not green though, not dangerous, have no intention of ever invading earth, over taking and enslaving your species or stealing your water supply. Some of the plots about aliens in Hollywood really are a work of paranoid fiction. And what is with all the dystopia people. Goodness, look on the bright side a little.

Hold on, I just got a distress call........